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What is Counseling

times when I meet people for counseling, they have an intersting view of what
counseling entails. The conversation usually leads to talking about what
counseling isn’t. I think it is important that people understand what
counseling truly is, while

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Angry People

I thank god for the many experiences in my life,
specifically, the people I experience. Good or bad, young or old, rude or
pleasant, each person I encounter presents a unique learning experience for me.
One thing I notice

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The Lies we Tell Ourselves

How do you do that with all those kids……

I’ve always been this way… I don’t like this… I don’t know why he acts that way… I can’t help how I think… I can’t eat that…

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Planning is Everything

Mary how do you… when do you find the time, you have kids right? YES!!
Many times folks ask me, Mary how do you find time for that, “I just can’t
do it”. My answer is simple, I just

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Plant Based Transitions

I have found that many times when you transition to something different, there’s the chance that you will get questions from those closest to you. Sometimes those questions come with blank stares, head turns, and curled lips that ask

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